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Hello there.

I’ve been quiet, I know.  So much going on, so little time to write.

Plus, I have decided to write a book (gently nudged by Teresa, Beth and Dan), so I’ve been mulling that over, leaving me less time to blog.

Anyway, the lovely and talented Suzanne O’Keeffe updated this website for me and I wanted you to see it even though I have nothing prepared to say.

Except!!  I just now finished a two-hour interview with Ashton Roberts for her new podcast “Ipsa,” which is Latin for “herself.”

In Ashton’s words:

The podcast is called Ipsa, and we are going to be the podcast for the woman’s voice. Our main motivation is to break the barriers that surround women, and give them the opportunity to tell their own stories with their own voice. We want to hear about what is important to you from your perspective. The magazine part of the podcast site will be for the creative works of women, whether it be essays, poetry, art, songs, etc. It will be a space for women to share the things they are proud of with the world.

Ashton found that when people talked about what women-in-general wanted / did / needed / accomplished etc, she often felt like it did not represent her.  She and her sisters have created this podcast so that women could share their unique perspectives and accomplishments with the world.

I am deeply honored to be a part of this, and thank Ashton for allowing me to share my perspective.

Once it’s up on the site, I’ll let you guys know.

Until then, I hope you like the looks of the new site!  Suzanne did an amazing job!

I’ll be back soon, and I thank you all for your undying support.  It means as much to me as it ever did.



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  1. Maija Merchant
    April 25, 2017

    I am looking forward to following your adventures!

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